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Makeup Tips: The Proper Way To Apply Your Lip Makeup

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hey guys it's Nikki with Nikki Bellaphotography we are here for our makeoverMonday thank you everybody who purchasedthe Black Friday makeup bundle we havesome exciting stuff for you guys andit's it the sale is still going on todayall through cyber monday till midnighttonight so you can still purchase yourdiscounted makeup bundle but for todaywe are gonna spend a few minutes with mymakeup artist Karina who you have metbefore and we're gonna do lips so thiswould be a short little segment and sowe're excited to share that with youthis is gonna be continuing we're gonnago into hair next and do some funstyling stuff too so stay tuned everyMonday for our makeup for Monday anddon't forget to join our VIP accessbecause we are giving away free raffleprizes so we have a winner for today toowhich will announce toward the end ofthis call but I want to bring in Karinaokay I'm in a hand I'm gonna be themodel again today and then from here onout I'm probably gonna be finding amodel because we need to cover eyeswhich I'm really excited about so we'regonna be doing a few things once wecover eyes we're gonna be doing adaytime look we're gonna be doing anighttime look we're gonna show you howto go from day to night we're gonna becovering eyebrows and we're also goingto be covering a few secrets that youcan utilize if you are aging so a fewtips that we're gonna be sharing thatare simple things you can do makeup wisethat go a long way and also if you wearglasses we're going to be covering thattoo so let's get on to lips today andI'm gonna hand the phone over to mylovely assistant Kaylalet's talk about lips like foundationexfoliating because I think a lot ofpeople don't think about exfoliatingtheir lips talk about a few things thereyou're talking back so this is a youknow this is why this is a collagen maskfor your lips your lips are so bigreally yeahcan I big lips yes so it's a lip maskyou could do before a big shoot or justa few lips are feeling a little wonkynot another thing I like to do is toexfoliate with like a sugar scrub orcoconut oil and then hydrate the lipsthe lips and and the under eyes are thethinnest skin on your face yeah on yourskin so you have to hydrate it as welltwice a day and I like this is funnythat I'm the model for this because likeI'm such just a chapstick like that'sall I wears chapstick like maybe lipgloss but I'm never a lipstick girlunless I'm getting a photo shoot doneand I once dressed up for Halloween asmy girlfriend because because she washaving a party and in here she wouldn'tbe dressed up as dressed up as her andone of the things she's known for islike her bright red lipstick and so itwas funny because I put bright redlipstick onand I was like oh I kind of like thislike I can rock this every once in awhile and I have not sinned but I reallyliked it I just feel like so weird and Iknow there's people out there too thatthat feel a little weird when they putcolor on their lips because like I'mjust such a chapstick girl it's kind oflike a haircut though it takes a day ortwo to get used to and then and thenonce your brain gets used to seeingyourself with a bright lip you kind ofacquire a taste for it and then you feelpretty in it all of a sudden yeah andthen also we have a lot of clients whowhich we've mentioned before who don'twear makeup at all so they're also notlipstick people but we put actually andthis is what I use to when I'm doing thephoto shoot is a nice like I guess youcan say like an enhanced natural lipcolor as their lipstick color which theytypically like to so okay so take ittake us through the process and then Ihave a few questions I want you toanswer so this is a lip and eyetreatment is it this one yeah this onehas to sit on for a few minutes oh ohit's like a mouse mhmthis is working well with trying talkingand then I can't see when I'm laughingis closed again okay so this is justmoisturizing okayso the difference between chapstick andthe lip treeis the chapstick sits on top of the lipsand is a protectant its emollientversus this is a humectant so it goesunder the skin okayI mean can you feel it it's not it'slike crazy yeah I'd actually like soaksin so you know that it's like doingsomething other than just sitting on topare you just blending it in and justmaking sure it's absorbing okayshow them the UM donut brush you'reusing so this is a Mac 318 brush it'slike a stiff brush I've taped it up sothat it doesn't go in mmm and what elsewhen people are applying lipstick tohelp it stay - I mean obviously there'slipstick out there now that'll stay onfor like 24 hours if you want it toright so there's stains that you can usesome clients I'll put the lip stain onfirst and blend it all around and thenshape with the lip liner but today wouldyou want to do that or do you want to doa regular lipstick application umlet's show them well because does anyonewant their lips to look smaller I don'tthink so right every nice smaller lips Ilike you know let's let's show everyonehow to kind of like slightly enhanceincreased fullness yeah in in their lipslet's do that and then also um we have alot of clients this is so funny cuz likeall my glasses like I put in thedishwasher and then I and then I have tolike actually scrub and wash my handbecause I have so many clients here andlike when when you do lipstick on themit's like there to stay and it stays onmy glass I like go to plow to clean busall the time from the cover and I'm likealright likeclient use this is like lipstick stillon it um but um let's do um fullness andthen I do have some clients actually whohave beautiful full lips and we'veactually enhanced that and for them indifferent ways so that they yeah so thatall of a sudden they're like oh my godlike this makes a huge difference andthe look of my face right so let's youpull this because I feel like mostpeople are wanting that so for the toplip I want you to also take note thatthe lip treatment has all absorbedthere's nothing thereso wait till it's dry and then talk themthrough like shaping and what you'redoing so for the top lip I like to startin the middle at the Cupid's bow andthen create the symmetry therehi on this sideand it's not like a once-over it's morelike you're building the shape almostlike you're itching and then start onthe outside and you kind of meet in themiddle so I'm staying on Nicky's lipline just going slightly outside of itthat way it doesn't look artificialand then to create a little more depthor dimension I color the outsides samething for the bottom lip start in themiddle kind of to establish visualanchor points and then start on theoutside again and talk about theimportance of lip linertalking does this help when I do missingcan you do you should enunciate yourcell apples more okay alright solipliner does a couple of things itcreates a border for your lipstickcreate shape and it holds your lipstickin so that it doesn't migrate to therest of your face yes so if you noticelike even if you're doing a nude lipcolor you should do lip liner because ifyou notice um like it's like thelipstick feathering and just kind oflike spreading out and starting to looka little messy um that obviously doesn'tlook good unless you are going for amessy look which most people aren't soyeah the lip liner will actually helpthe lipstick apply better and lastlonger and then also will help your lipslike maintain like a clean board fullerlips look hmm like like Jamie Foxx wayback okay so this is a lip color youcould use this with a lip stain or alipstick I like to use a brush cuz thenyou have a little more controlstarting on the outside of the lipworking my way inand with a stain you have to be verycareful not to put too much becausestains dryand if you put too many layers of astain it can get a little chunky orcakey or is this you just want to coverthe lips enough just enough and andslightly go over the lip liner right soI'm taking the brush and blending thesteam into the liner inwards starting onthe outside of the liner and then kindof feathering inwardsokay so talk about color like colormatching or if we're creating fullnessdo we want the lipliner to be slightlydarker than just teller little darkerwait on the tiny bit because you don'twant and we we've seen it exactly so youdon't you don't want just like the darklip liner that like we've seen it likethat is 94 yeah I mean when it'strending that's fine but that's notreally the point of lip liner you dowant a tiny bit darker to create thefullness so that you have that outeredge but but you want it to be able toblend into the lip color that you'reputting on after yeah yep okay what'snext we're letting that dry oh okaypart of the main so part of a stain ismake sure you don't use too much and theother part is to make sure you let itdry completely so that it's not stickyor tacky at all because then once youput the top coat over if it's stillsticky it'll compromise the long wearokay and then a few other tips to createfullness in your lips and especially forphotos is taking a highlighter likeliterally sometimes I use like thehighlighter that I use for my brow okayum you can use like like kind of like aslightly like shiny highlighter and youwant to do like um like right in theCupid's bow right part of your lip andthen right like underneath am I missingan areaokay wait okay cool so um yeah and thenI have like a like a highlighting powderthat I also will use sometimes so we usethis last time to highlight Mickey'scheekbones here and that the teardownside yeah so I like to do just a littlebit here just along the Cupid's bowwhich is another tipso you want to put the the highlighteron the fullest parts of your lips itincreases the volume in those areas andyou can even do this when you're wearinglike a darker color and it'll stillincrease the fullness and just do aslightly lighter version of the darkercolor anything else for like differentlike skin tones I mean obviously thedarker the skin tone well you can uselike a super pale lip color which looksreally pretty on darker skin tones so inaddition if you're doing more dramaticeyes you want to do less lip and thenand the more lips yeah and then ifyou're doing less eyes or natural eyesthen you can do you know Morland we'redoing a median lift I think it's yeahlike a more natural medium usual okayso you could leave it like this it'smatte but this dimension or you coulduse a gloss for volume I like to use ashiny gloss with a little shimmer in itnote that I'm just kind of tapping it inGlaus less is more otherwise you lookkind of juicy juicy juicy and during theJamie Fox again okayoh heyyou have it and this may be obvious tomost but lips are last yeslips are lips and lashes yeah yesso um okay anything we didn't cover notreatment I mean is huge and I do soundlike specific lip exfoliating scrubs outthere there's a sugar scrub by Sarah Ithink but yeah it's beautiful it hascoconut and argan oil in it as well asthe sugar to exfoliate another likequick tip is to when you're brushingbrushing your teeth at night is to givethat's nice your lips a little brush toget the dead skin off and promotecollagen production in your lips yeah Ido that yeah yeah and advice to her yeahthe treatment and exfoliating yeah okaygood okay awesome let us know if youguys have any questions about this sorelips in general and we're gonna beputting I'll put some suggestions as faras like lip scrub and everything thatCorinna had mentioned and also let'swrite down the there's like a main lipcolor that we use on a lot of a clientsthat don't typically wear lipstick sowe'll we'll give that to you guys tooand and then we have a winner for thisweek which is the winner today gets themakeup bundle that I'm selling for BlackFriday and it isso we will be reaching out to you andeveryone who's signing up for the VIPaccess a lot of people aren't puttingtheir last name so om is your first nameand your email so we'll be reaching outto you but congratulations you won themakeup bundle that I'm selling for BlackFriday which has all the tips there's avideo and a book with step-by-stepinstructions on makeup application socongratulations thank you for being apart of our VIP access and and then nextMonday we're gonna start on I so I'msuper excited about that because eyestruly are the window to the soul andwhen you pop your eyes people actuallyhave access to see you in a differentway so I'm excited to get into that butthank you for watching today and lots ofyou have any comments Cooper says byeand um see you later bye

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* Enhancing Lip Fullness
* Choosing The Best Lip Color That’s Perfect For You and Your Event
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